About Us

Precision Coating Co., Inc. is one of the largest plastics coating applicators in the world, specializing in PTFE and Teflon® coating applications.

medical_coated_wiresWith more than 50 years of custom coating experience, we pride ourselves in understanding application requirements and selecting appropriate solutions for our customers.

Precision Coating has developed a commitment to quality and service with proven capabilities in the following areas:

  • Exact standards of depositing precise coating thickness to meet and exceed strict customer tolerances
  • Tailoring custom fluoropolymer solutions to unique medical device product requirements
  • Quick turnaround time and tight integration with customer’s supply chain
  • World-class operations with decades of training and experience in fluoropolymer and Teflon® coating applications

Precision Coating is also a worldwide distributor of PTFE coated fabrics, tapes and belts. We spend time to work with our customers to understand their requirements to offer the highest quality materials at very competitive prices.

Precision Coating is a subsidiary of Katahadin Industries, Inc.

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