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The Benefits of Teflon Coating

The Benefits of Teflon Coating

Best known for its non-stick nature, Teflon® coating has many useful properties, making it an excellent choice when coating components for many applications.

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Extremely Tight Tolerances

Extremely Tight Tolerances

We began as one of the world’s first Teflon® licensed applicators. Today, Precision Coating is a master of tight-tolerance coating technology.

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Completing the Medical Device Supply Chain in Costa Rica


Grand Opening of Precision Coating’s New Fluoropolymer Coating Facility

Set-Up Charge for Fluoropolymer Coating Projects

Why Is There One?                           

Medical Device PTFE Coating Facility in Costa Rica—Strategic...

Precision Coating Establishes a PTFE/Teflon® Coating Application Facility in Costa Rica