Precision Coating Co., Inc. serves the global health care and medical device companies around the world coating medical devices such as guide wires, core wires, hypotubes and forming mandrels. The company has the ability to work with customers from concept to commercialization and has two facilities, one dedicated to flexible prototype work and one dedicated exclusively to high volume medical device coating applications.


PTFE Medical Device Coated Applications

Two Coating PTFE Systems

Precision Coating provides two types of medical grade fluoropolymer (Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE) coating chemistries for medical devices: an aqueous-based PTFE coating and a solvent-based coating.

precision-micro (1)Aqueous-Based Coating Systems

The dispersion grade of PTFE resins remain in a wet stage from the above polymerization process into the final liquid coating in dispersion form. Here chromic acid, surfactants and wetting agents, and pigments help promote adhesion to the substrates to which it is applied during the high temperature bake cycles.

Solvent-Based Coating Systems

On the other hand, the solvent grade of PTFE coatings use a dry, fully cured ground powder of PTFE. This fully cured ground micro powder of PTFE is then added to a solvent system containing a binder and pigments (no chromic acid or PFOA). Since the PTFE is already fully cured, only the final cure of the binder has to be reached in order to promote maximum adhesion to hold the PTFE particles in place. This is typically hundreds of degrees less than the dispersion grade, helping to decrease oxidation of exposed metals.

The aqueous-based and solvent-based coating systems are FDA approvable and biocompatible.

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